Redesigned Google+, improved Google Maps API, a whole new voice search and lot more from Google I/O 2013!

Google I/O 2013 started on a revolutionary and surprising note! No new Nexus phone and tablet, no talk on launching new version of Android or nothing new to reveal about Chromebook. But the company gave enough reasons to audience to cheer up the event.

With Google rolling out entirely redesigned Google+, much more clearer android developer console and improved version of Google maps, the first day of Google I/O witnessed major revolutionary changes to Google’s existing services and products. Let us go through all the major announcements made on day 1 of Google I/O 2013.

Redesigned Google+ for better user experience

One of the biggest surprising announcement at the event was the upgrade of Google+. With a more emphasis on a better and smarter visual user experience, Google’s Sr. Vice President Vic Gundotra uncovered tons of new features for Google+ including new photo editing and effect tools. Remember, prior to this Google+ got total facelift in March 2013 in an effort to more visualise its social presence.

A whole new Google Maps API

google maps

Another gift Google gave to developers community is a whole new Google Maps API that will give an entire new maps experience to android and desktop maps users. The new Google Maps lets you do things like search for places and see them, along with recommendations, directly on the map interface. Hugo Barra, vice president of project management for Android, unveiled list of new features for Google API at the event. The revamped API lets developers integrate 3D mapping and movement into applications.

activity recognition

One of the most beautiful feature is activity recognition feature. This feature uses accelerometer data and machine learning to figure out when the user is doing things like walking, driving or cycling.

Voice Search comes to Desktop!

google voice search

In a move closer to apple’s voice search ‘siri’, Google unveiled voice search for desktop that it also calls ‘no interface design’, Google’s Sr. VP Amit Singhal said we want search that can be spoken, muck alike we talk to our friends. He calls this new search a natural language search.

With the new search feature activated, you will speak to Google, and it will speak back to you with answer to your question. Isn’t it pretty enough?

There is many more to come from the Google I/O 2013. Stay connected with us and we will update with latest announcements from Google at Google I/O 2013!

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