Business on WWW reach sky heights in small time. We provide the products that proliferate business in every way.


Employee / Client Login Area

If you want to provide special and personal access to your clients to viewed secured information then you need a Secured Login Area

Distributor Locator

This tool allows you to organise all the distributors with their details and then further allow the website viewer to locate the distributor.

Product Catalog

Product Cataloues allows your organisation to create various categories and sub-categories to organise the high product range with the customised fields like description, price, image, dimension, colour, etc.

Job Board
Customised Forms

We can create customised forms to take input from the readers or clients. The data can be stored into the database or send by in an email or both. This also allows you to view the submitted details online.

Project Management System

We can provide your organisation with complete online Project Management tool. This PM tool as useful for any kind of task based projects. We can customise the Project Management tool to suit your specific business requirement and processes.


Newsletter System

Newsletter System can provide you complete email based marketing solution.

News Board

If you are an organisation which needs to disseminate information to your shareholders, employees, clients, etc then you need to have a news board to publish your news on your website.

Website Statistics

We can provide you with the detailed statistics on your website performance. You can find which pages have been looked by how many people categorised by data, time, country, etc. This can help you in further improving your website.

Advertisement Banner

Advertisement Banner allows you to host other's advertisement banners onto your website. You can link relevant websites from these banners and find out the number of the impressions and hits a particular banner had.

Tell A Friend

This tool allows the reader of the website to send a link of the website or webpage to his or her friend. This tools helps in marketing the website.


Search Tool

Search Tools on your website helps your website viewers to search information from your website. This tools shows the results along with the accuracy percentages which helps the user to click on the required information in less time. Please use our search tool for demo.

Printable Pages / PDF

Lot of people might be interested in printing the webpages in a readable format with less website graphics. We can provide you with a tool which creates printable pages on the fly for printing purpose. Printable pages can be created in text or pdf format.

Multiple Fonts

Some readers like to see small font whereas some likes to read the information in larger fonts. We can provide a functionality which allows user to change the font size as per their requirement.

Google Map

We can embed Google Map within your website which facilitates the viewers to easily locate your office location. The tool will allow the users to zoom-in and zoom-out within the map.


With the help of rss feeds we can show real time weather report for your city.


Glossary Tools allows you to maintain the list of all the terms along with their definition.



With Blogs organisations can post entries in reverse chronological order on the website. Also, blog provides the ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format which indirectly helps in getting more viewers on your website.


Forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user generated content. Forums are also commonly referred to as Web forums, message boards, discussion boards, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, fora (the Latin plural) or simply forums. Forum may refer to the entire community or to a specific sub-forum dealing with a distinct topic. Messages within these sub-forums are then displayed either in chronological order or as threaded discussions.

Rate Tool

Rate The Page tool allow readers to leave a quick rating on the quality of the information (text, video, image, etc) published on the web page.

Online Poll

Online Polls helps your organisation in collecting opinions on a topic from the internet readers.

Survey System

We can provide you with Online Survey system by which you can create your own surveys and distribute it to the recipients. This system further records the answers of each recipient and supply a report.

Quiz Tool

Quiz Tool helps your organisation in asking questions to the clients or employees or website readers and get the relevant answers.

File Upload Tool

Upload Tool allows the normal webite viewers or logged in clients to upload the files onto your server. This can be replacement of some of email based processes where your client have been sending you attached files.

Feedback System

This tool allows the website viewers to leave feedback on your website. Feedback will be only displayed once approved by the your site administrator.



We can also embed videos on your website to help your viewers see what you what to say. Recently this has been a proven successfully marketing strategy which has been implemented by many companies.

Audio Player

Audio Player allows your website to host the audio files for the website viewers to hear online. It also allows you to manage audio files within playlists.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery allows your organisation to create albums and organise photographs within the album.