Pitfalls of SEO blunders!! Stay updated to jump across these pitfalls!

The world of digital marketing and its techniques has increased by leaps and bounds in past 10 years. To walk by the side of the world’s pace of digitization, you need to avoid these very common blunders of SEO.

1. Picking cheaper SEO services over authentic ones:

If you really want your website to rank higher, avoid those SEO services which chooses to use black hat SEO techniques. Those services will eventually lead your site to the “ignore this site” position. Stay away, stay close!

2. Title your titles:

We all have heard of content duplication, yes, people literally copy the content and create a copy. AVOID DUPLICATION! And moreover, choose your own titles which makes searching easier. Never copy the titles.

3. Expecting chickens before hatching the eggs!:

Any new venture needs patience to show you its fruits. Similarly when you publish a new site, don’t expect it to rank first immediately. Give some time to SEO techniques to show its magic.

4. Keep your content a little less flashy! :

It is harder to get your site on rank if there is more of a flash content. Keep it simple html as it is difficult to detect flash content for SEO techniques. Switch to HTML5 from flash content.

5. Underestimating the power of keyword’s right place! :

Usually it happens that the keywords are stuffed anywhere in the content at the last minute, before publishing. Instead, the keyword stuffing process should undergo the strong phase of brainstorming and would make your content effective if placed at the right places.

6. Make SEO first in your checklist while building a new website:

Generally people consider SEO at last, when the site is already built. But hello? Those days are gone into the thin air where SEO was just link building. Now, if you want a better ranking, keywords are not enough. You need to consider keywords in page URLs, implementing html tags like header tags, meta tags and description tags. So plan your SEO before your site!

These were some common of the many pitfalls of SEO! Stay updated and avoid these mistakes to rule in the world of ranking! Happy ranking!

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