Local SEO: Importance for your small business

What is Local Search?

Local Search is simply, searching for any business/product or service in a particular geography. No doubt, internet and especially Google search engine has eliminated borders of nations in terms of business search but still, there are businesses that rely on local geography rather than global map.

Surprisingly, this includes big brands as well. The best example is restaurant business! No one would travel abroad to another country just to have dinner. We all look for a restaurant nearby, when we are hungry, and do not search for a restaurant in some other city or country. That’s what we call Local Search!

Why Local Search or Local SEO is important for your business?

It’s all about Geography!

As said earlier, small businesses always rely on local customers and customers from nearby suburbs. It is a bad idea to do “search engine optimisation’ targeting cities, places and suburbs unreasonably far than your business location. It is a waste of money and other precious resources of any business.

Customers want local business!

“One of the most important reason of the importance of Local SEO is the fact that customers are always in hurry, they can’t afford to waste their time in getting the product or service they want. And that’s why they will be more likely to visit their nearby store or office rather than going far away.”We live in a time bound culture where turn around time is considered to be a quality measurement.

Google has been localizing now!

Another major important fact is that the search engine giant Google has started focusing on quality local searches and is now emphasizing on local search listing more in its search engine result page (SERP). If you search for any particular service or product company, Google will display maps and places results first and then web pages results. Is this not enough for you to start focusing on Local SEO for your business?

Evolution of Smart phones

With the evolution of iPhone and Android smart phones, people are now carrying their entire digital world on the go! These Iphone and other smart phones have plenty of apps that helps their users find local businesses around them, if your business is on local maps, it is surely to appear on a smart phone’s search screen, and this may help you get another business lead! And if your business has got a responsive website design or a mobile website design, it is an icing on the cake for LOCAL SEO.

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