Latest Google Panda Updates: A dose of Pain or Gain for Webmasters?

If you are a webmaster or a website owner or are connected in any way with website marketing also known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, you must have heard about Google Panda and its updates.

What’s the Google Panda?

For those who are new to SEO or have not heard of this word, Google Panda is Google’s own search engine algorithm. Google Panda is a name given to the algorithm which makes google search engine system work. Whatever google search engine crawls or throws is all due to and by Google’s panda. It is Google’s robot who keeps close eye on everything that happens to google search engine.


What’s all these Google Panda Updates?

To make Google’s search engine more visitor’s friendly and to give searches accurate, quick and relevant result for each search query, Google keeps working very hard all the time and does R&D for ways to make search engine a better place and whenever they believe that their work has produced some good outcomes, they implement outcomes to search engine algorithm i.e. Google Panda. This implementation is known as Google Panda Updates or Google Search Updates. This is similar to update or upgrade to any software we use.

Google’s latest panda updates: Pain or Gain for webmasters?

Google rolled out its latest updates yesterday. Whenever Google releases any updates it has both positive as well as negative effects on websites in Google search engine. And with yesterday’s updates, many sites which were prior to updates, working well and ranking in top pages in Google Search Engine, have lost their position and are now not even in top 100 pages in Google Search Engine. This has sparked a viral discussion on internet where many webmasters, website owners and SEO Firm have expressed big concern over the updates. While Google’s Matt Cutts claimed that these updates have been targeted at making search engine produce more relevant, quality and accurate results, many Search Engine Optimisation firms have expressed totally different opinion.

Most of internet’s leading webmaster forums and search engine blogs are pouring in by comments from webmasters and web owners that updates have heat their innocent sites which was not supposed to happen.

Is it all about punishing over-optimisation?

Google’s webspam head, Matt Cutts said that these updates will help quality sites to get better place in search engine and hence will give users more relevant, quality and accurate search result. There are much talking (or rumors) about these updates’ effects. While many leading Web Development firms believe that these updates are all about punishing sites that are over-optimised (i.e. sites on which more than enough SEO is done), Cutts said these updates are a mere effort to attack and crack down the webspam.

Whatever it is, whether it is an effort to kill the webspam headache or taking down sites that are over-optimised, it is sure for now that many innocent sites have affected badly due to this Google updates and the question stands still : Are these latest Google Panda Updates a dose of Pain or Gain for Webmasters?

It’s your time to answer the question! Comment your answer in the comment box below and help us find the right answer to this question.

Is it all about punishing over-optimisation?

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