Improve Your Seo With Wechat Integration by Intesols: Get Followers Organically

The whole world is awestruck with the WeChat expansion and its dominance in the Chinese social media market. Considered as the most integrated and advanced social media platform in the world, WeChat boasts of millions of active users. By conquering the social media market with an undeniable impression of establishing its digital empire, WeChat has facilitated a massive level of growth against strong competitors like Baidu, Apple, and Alibaba. At Intesols, we optimally utilise WeChat integration as an effective SEO practice. Our experts strive to help your business by increasing the brand awareness amongst dedicated WeChat users.

Ranking Mechanism in Wechat:

Working similarly to the search engine giant, Google, WeChat uses four important parameters to rank businesses and products.

  1. Authority – Through the most influential WeChat verification
  2. Relevance – Through search inquiry, meta descriptions, summary of the posts and business name
  3. Popularity – Through the number of followers, reads, reposts and other factors
  4. Frequency – Based on how often and actively the business account has updates

Wechat – the King of Chinese Seo Industry:

Thanks to its powerful browser, WeChat has caused a rippling effect on how the brands communicate with the target audience. With the basic aim to increase the number of tasks and functionality, the app has a powerful strategy. Considering the massive following, WeChat has been catering to a wide range of services, including basic social media functions, paying bills, e-payments, buying through e-commerce stores, taxi ordering, booking cinema tickets, geo-localisation, gaming, QR system to unlock content, many inbuilt apps and much more. With so much happening and constantly growing, WeChat integration is a powerful tool for your business. So, if you are focusing on generating qualified traffic, look no beyond WeChat integration services by Intesols.

Our experts specialise in WeChat marketing and management for your business by highly effective services in WeChat integration. We strive to make the app ‘very functional and an all-in-one solution’ to all the relevant search inquiries.

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