How A Century-Old Business Wins The Race of Rankings!

Model: B2C
Industry: Government: Visa Immigration Services
Platform or Tech Stack: Content Optimisation, On-page Optimisation, Off-page Optimisation

The Global Immigration Network (G.I.N.) is a group of internationally respected immigration practitioners. Be it immigration and visa services, relocation services, immigration policy advisory, corporate or work visas, or permanent residence — G.I.N. is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. We provide reliable and ethical immigration services combined with global reach, local expertise, and personalised services at reasonable prices.

When you select a Global Immigration Network member, you are placing your trust in an internationally respected immigration practitioner. Our members are highly sought after in the migration profession and have been selected based on the high levels of ethics, expertise and proficiency in achieving the best outcomes for your business.

With an in-house digital team, G.I.N attempted to calculate how they did in the organic space against the competition, spending countless hours consolidating data from different SEO tools in vain. A more systematic approach to its success was vital.

The Global Immigration Network collaborated with Intesols to use the SEO platform for monitoring keywords, enhancing ranking. With the team of Intesols G.I.N was able to solve issues related to the traffic growth and enquiries for their website.

Before working with Intesols, when it came to SEO, G.I.N was “just scratching the surface” While they had spent time optimising meta tags, the optimization was minimal beyond that. Recommendations improved the title and meta tags of the website and enhanced existing content to increase the efficiency of SEO. The team was able to deliver

  • 96 keywords for 16 countries
  • Publishing articles, press releases, blog posts, web content, news and testimonial
  • Video publishing
  • 500+ keywords are started to rank on Google
  • 4500+ organic visits per month
  • Multilingual optimisation helped achieve 16 different countries

Conclusion: Flaunting The Ranking Optimisation

The average traffic per day increased by 20 per cent, which eventually boosted the customer’s confidence and now they expect to have our Intesols squad as their marketing solution partner. We build brands that cause immersive interactions, digital boom and growth in the market.

We have a plethora of marketing tools designed to suit the business targets and that goes way beyond using just technology to deliver solutions. Just like them, the team of Intesols is prepared to propel their future endeavours.

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