Feng Shui and Web Design

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system of attracting harmony has long been accepted by people of modern age as an effective way to draw positive vibes to their home and offices. The era of 1990s saw an increasing number of Westerners opting for Feng Shui principles to ensure that peace and harmony prevailed in their life with help of some specific arrangements.

As Feng Shui and its principles became immensely popular as a major source of positive energy among common masses, it also became a major marketing product for some people who realized that they can make some money en-cashing on the fad of the age.

The most important aspect of Feng Shui is ‘chi’ which can be defined as the life force that flows in everything and helps to bind better. According to Chinese astrological believes, Chi when gets to flow freely spreads positive energy where as when constrained or stagnated leads to growth of negative energy.

In web designing also, Feng Shui principles can be used in its right forms to avail best results. Proper alignment of web pages along with navigation of the whole website can help open the gateway for maximum flow of positive chi which helps to attract affirmative flow of harmony and success.

Light and Colour

It is believed that a clean and bright web page helps to attract good chi where as dark and shabby shades are bad for website according to internet Feng Shui principles.

Life and Movement

Life and its free movement make an important part of Feng Shui principles that is mostly used to fill up stagnant areas or break one long line. While decorating a home or office, life and movement is added to the space by placing a plant at the corner of the room or a fish bowl to the walls. But in web designing, to add positive energy of life and movement remove any annoying graphics from the screen and add pleasant and natural looking graphics. A reflection of greenery of the natural world helps easy flow of good chi around the web pages.


To hold positive vibes or chi to your preferred space, it is important that there are areas of calmness that makes the focal point for chi’s flow. In web, logo design, which is provided in all the pages, makes the perfect focal point for stillness to attract good chi.


Those who think that loading maximum animated multimedia files in a website helps to achieve more positive vibes is in for a wrong conception. A simple website with calm and pleasant devices works best.

Straight Lines

In a web design page there is undoubtedly too much usage of straight lines. According to Feng Shui rules, the corners and angels created by straight lines in a webpage mostly leads to bad chi. Hence it is advised to avoid straight line bars towards the left and top of the page.

The best way to attract good chi to a site is to break the straight lines in various curves and unusual design elements. Opting for vector based flash platform that allows curvy images makes the most easy and effective way for positive chi.


Another important thing to remember in website designing in accordance to Feng Shui rules is to avoid stagnation of chi. Placing a ‘back’ button for each page often paves the way to a dead end which ultimately leads to stagnation of positive vibes. Therefore users will also not like to feel trapped in a site where easy navigation is not allowed.

Some More Ways Of Internet Feng Shui

  • Make an appealing entrance that attracts users.
  • Stay away from bad internet service provider.
  • Make sure not to make the page clumsy.
  • Allow free flow of chi in the whole website.
  • Have a selected number of links.
  • Opt for soothing musical plug-ins to increase positive vibes.
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