Facebook signs up at NYSE, gets millions of likes!

The long lasted wait is over. Facebook has finally made its debut on the Wall Street with its historic IPO. The most popular social networking and social media marketing website is now officially a public company.

The company has raised more than $16 billion from the IPO on the Nasdaq. Everyone knows that Facebook is not just a social networking site but now it is widely used by corporate and business world as a tool of social media marketing.

From wall post to wall street: The journey of going public
Facebook was launched as a platform for the students of Harvard University to stay connected with each other, today it has become a primary platform to stay in touch with loved ones for millions around the globe which proves Facebook’s slogan true : Creating a more open and connected world.

Since its launch in 2004 to the date of mega IPO, Facebook has traveled from a dorm room to a corporate headquarter. When it was launched and when it was in its infancy, no one would have thought of this kind of mega success for the company. It’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to create a more open and connected world has really changed the way people stay connected with their friends and family. Earlier Facebook was known as TheFacebook.com. Its founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s powerful insights has not just helped people stay in touch with each other but has also created a whole new era of digital marketing today known as Social Media Marketing. There is a whole new branch of online business marketing for people beyond traditional SEO. It has now become a public company meaning that anyone can buy its share and can become an official partner in the world’s biggest social media company.

The Road Ahead
Now that Facebook has gone public and has raised billions of dollars, all eyes are set on future plans of the social media giant. Today, all most everyone owns or wants to own a smart phone or a touch pad for using it either just for fun or for business purpose. With ever increasing use of smart phones, all most all popular websites have their own mobile website design to attract more business out of mobile users. And so is Facebook, the money it raised via IPO is said to be used for improving its products and services and focusing more on attaining greater reach in mobile and smart phone market. With ever increasing and widespread use of smart phone and touch pad mobile phones, Facebook sees great potential in improving its apps for smart phones and thus gaining remarkable share of mobile users as well.
Apart from this, the company also aims to make its Facbook ads services a bit better and introducing more user centric features in the ads.

The company is now one of the richest corporation in the world
With its mega IPO, the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the richest person in the world leaving behind his rivals, Google Inc.’s Larry Page and Sergy Brin. On the other hand, the company itself also listed its name in the list of some richest global corporate houses. As of IPO time, the company’s net values is said to be at around US $104 billions.

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