Facebook launches threaded comments and replies on all Facebook pages

Finally, Facebook has launched a feature for pages and public profile that will give page and profile owners and users to comment and reply to individual comment making it an easier conversation.

It seems that Facebook is working hard to improve user experience for both pages and profiles. First Graph Search for profiles, then they unveiled new look for news feed and recently they updated page cover photo guidelines and now they have launched threaded comment feature.

The new feature allows page owners and even users to comment or reply to individual comment on the page. Public figures profiles with high number of followers will also have this threaded comment feature.

There will be no more messy comments on Facebook pages, with the new threaded comment/reply feature activated on page, a page owner and user can reply to individual comment posted on the page easing the conversation between the business and the customer. The feature is rolled out for all Facebook pages and for profiles of public figures having huge number of followers.

Top commentators on top!

In addition to threaded comment on Facebook pages, a top comment feature is also integrated into pages. Comment with most likes and replies will be displayed on top of the comment thread. The algorithm will rank responses based on three key factors as follow:

  • Positive Feedback: The number of likes and replies to a comment will help it move to the top.
  • Connections: Connections to another person participating in the thread may cause a comment to move up.
  • Negative Feedback: Spam reports will cause a comment to fall down the list.

How to turn-on threaded comment feature for your page?

The Facebook page administrators can opt-in to the new threaded comment feature by going to Admin panel > Manage Permissions > check the check-box that says ‘Allow replies to comments on my page’ and then click on save changes button.The feature will be automatically turned on on July 10, 2013 on all pages.

Your thoughts

What do you think about these new threaded comments? Do you think this will improve conversation between businesses and customers? Will you use it to engage your community in a more comfortable and easy way? Let us know your thoughts in comment box below.

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