Expand Your Local Store Reach with Google Business View

Is the increasing competition taking a beat on your local business? Google Business View is the answer to your vows. With Google Business View, your local business will not only arrest the immediate attention of the passersby, but will also expand your local reach, and improve footprints towards your local store.

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View (GBV) leverages on Google’s iconic platform–StreetView, except with GBV, the view also includes the insides. Google Business View works like this:

  1. Google certified photographers shoot professional photographs of your store’s interiors.
  2. The photographs are attached to your store’s Google+ Local Business Page
  3. These photographs are now visible in a number of Google services for relevant search phrases:

How Google Business View can Help Your Business?

  1. It provides an interactive way for your website visitors to explore your business online.
  2. Leave your potential customers awestruck with a premium-quality, 360º virtual tour of your business premises and insides.
  3. Convert customers with 360° tour of your business across Google.
  4. Invite customers inside with a virtual tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.
  5. Simple, fast and affordable

Advantage Intesols for Google Business View


Being a provider of digital branding solutions, Intesols has a fleet of professional technology experts and the ability to cater highly attractive, promising professional photographs for your business.

Be assured of

  1. Premium quality photo shoots that work as per your schedule.
  2. Easy integration of Business View on your website.
  3. Claim, Verify and enhance your business listings on Google+ and Google My Business Place.
  4. Google Business experts at Intesols can correct common Google Maps drop pin location errors to enhance your visibility in Google Maps.
  5. In addition, they will Remove/Merge any duplicate Google Business listings.
  6. High Quality Panorama images and other professional photographs of your business assure a perfect virtual tour of your business powered by Google Streetview.


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