Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

With Google constantly rolling minor and major search engine algorithms updates month by month, it is very hard for any search engine optimisation professional to keep pace with best practices for search engine optimisation.

Many SEO professionals do miss steps and make mistakes while carrying on SEO campaigns for their clients which affects their clients’ business and thus ultimately impacts themselves too.

But what mistakes these SEO professionals are making? What are the most common mistakes that many search engine professionals are making even without knowing about it? Here are they! We have compiled a list of some of most common SEO mistakes that are being made by many search engine professionals. Be watchful and avoid them!!

1. Poor keyword research
Poor or wrong keyword research can turn out to be a nightmare for any SEO professional. Because keyword research is the core of the entire search engine optimisation process. If you start wrong, you will never finish, and if you do it will be wrong destination! So take time, do thorough analysis and give high attention to proper keyword research.

2. Duplicate page titles
We have observed many times that many websites do have same page titles for all pages. This may be seem as a minor mistake or even no mistake to many, but to google, it is a blunder. Many people don’t take time and just use business name and slogan and believe they have done good SEO! Well, this is very bad, very bad. For Google, each page should have its own title tag, just like every person in this world has his/her own name!

3. No meta tags-descriptions
Just like many sites have duplicate page titles, many sites do share common meta tags among all pages. And in even worst cases, we have seen sites with no meta tags and descriptions. This is like a person’s bio-data without his/her home and work address, phone number! What would you do if you find a person’s bio-data without his/her address and contact details – may be, you throw it away. Same would be the response from the Google bot!

4. Not optimising images and videos
Many people think this ‘alt’ tag is of no importance! But Google’s thinking is different! Google gives higher value to images and videos that have meaningful ‘alt’ and ‘title tags. So always optimise your images and videos.

5. Ignoring link-building
Many SEO firms and professionals believe that link building is dead and is of no use to their ongoing SEO campaigns. But that’s not the fact. Google has recently announced that they are focusing more on high quality backlinks and giving emphasis to sites that has more number of high quality and high PR backlinks. So don’t ignore link-building, but don’t go for cheap back-linking too!

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