Check list to consider while launching Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an unbeatable medium of advertising. With more than 1.15 billion users, Facebook is the finest platform for online promotions. Thanks to the constant evolution of Facebook mobile, the social nexus generated revenue of 1.6 million in 2013. Mobile users significantly contributed to Facebook’s revenue growth in 2013. Apart from mobile, this buzzing social media platform is doubtlessly creating a seamless advertising platform for businesses, especially with the launch of Facebook Graph Search in January 2013. The social nexus generated revenue of 1.6 million in 2013. With such a successful advertising platform on hand, experts at SEO firms in Melbourne suggest tips to encash it to get higher business.

Tips to check on while advertising through Facebook Ads:

Mobile friendly ads: There is a significant increase in the number of Facebook users. This is solely credited to the era of smart phones and tablets. Nearly 51% Facebook users have increased due to mobile revolution. So, place your ad in a way that it is visible on mobile devices. With the help of Power Editor, you can place your ad in the News feed and central section of Facebook page. This is subjected to the fact that the right column of Facebook page is not visible in mobile devices.

Place offers for leads: You can create various attractive offers for lead generation. Expert Internet marketers from various SEO firms in Melbourne suggest that interesting content that pulls all eyes towards the offer should be the focus. Blend content with Facebook Ads and Promoted Post. While the first one gains wider audience exposure the latter refines the process by targeting the users who have already liked your brand page.

Hit the conversion goal: You can actually customise the audience by creating email lists of people who want a certain product. The rest can be put in ‘Excluded Audience’ section of the CRM. This way you can send the email or advertise ONLY to people who are interested in buying the product and can save up on your budget by eliminating those who don’t want that specific product.

Image and video sizes: Internet marketers and experts at SEO firms in Melbourne suggest that the size and quality of image and video can play a big part in the success of Facebook Ad. You must rely on the Facebook specifications of image sizes for displaying ads on various platforms. The mantra is simple, adhere to the rules and get the leads.

Landing pages: A landing page is where you customer will land upon while clicking the Facebook Ad. Use graphics and concise content for this page to make the customer understand all the details of your product or service and thus generate sales. So, all the SEO firms in Melbourne affirm the superlative need of creating landing pages for the ads.

Without an iota of doubt, Facebook Ads can earn highest number of customers and sales if implemented well. So, use this platform and walk ahead towards a huge business. Thus, SEO firms in Melbourne vote in favour of Facebook Ads for creating highest leads, customers and sales.

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