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Feb 2019

What is Google Medic Update and How to Recover from It?

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Google is known for rolling out several updates in a year for its search engine ranking algorithm. Some of these updates come and go, without making much impact.

However, major updates leave behind a trail of tumultuous website rankings.

After the Panda and Penguin updates, the recent Google Medic Update has given sleepless nights to many digital marketers.

What is Google Medic Update?

In the first week of August, Google rolled out “Broad Core Search Algorithm”, which was later dubbed as Google Medic Update by SEO guru Barry Schwartz.

Google Medic Update

Though, Google calls the update as “broad core” several sites in the healthcare, medical and fitness niches were hit significantly. Other than these niches, the Google update also (adversely) affected E-commerce, travel, lifestyle and YMYL sites.

How did the Google Medic Update Affect Websites?

It was observed that sites affected by Medic Update experienced a drastic loss in their organic traffic volume.

Now, the question is How to Recover from Google Medic Update?

In response to the possible Medic update fixes, Google has just one thing to say – “create great content”. Sounds kind of vague, isn’t it?

But, there are a few techniques which you can apply to recover the lost traffic:

Go the E.A.T. Way

Of late, Google has been placing a lot of emphasis on the E-A-T approach.
So, what is E.A.T? – It’s an acronym for Expertise, Authority and Trust.

In fact, many SEOs are calling the Medic Update as E.A.T update, because sites with high expertise, authority and trust were not hit when Medic Update was rolled out.

So, here’s what you can do to get a high E.A.T for your site:

  1. Substantiate your content, products, and services with facts, figures and expert’s opinion. Avoid making vague statements that can’t be backed by proofs. The thumb rule here is – Focus on the Facts.
  2. Always use quality outbound links

Create User-Friendly Content

Users visiting your website have certain expectations. They seek specific information and solutions for their problems.

And that’s why Google always tries to accurately assess the intent of users. Therefore, it is important that your websites have relevant, informative and precise content.

Additionally with the emergence of voice search, Google is trying to align its algorithm with voice search. Therefore, you need to focus on creating content that has FAQs and their answers. This content creation practice can improve your ranking significantly.

Also, ensure your site displays clear, fact-based and informative content that addresses specific problems of your users and provides appropriate solutions.

For example: Think about writing content around “How to plan a workout to lose 5 Kgs in 2 weeks” vs. “Workouts lose weight.”

Need for Speed

The Medic update was rolled out alongside a major mobile speed update. This particular update separated mobile search rankings from the regular search.

Therefore, speed optimisation for mobile platforms has become imperative for your website to get and maintain better rankings. Depending on your requirements, you can use different sets of optimisation procedures to achieve better mobile rankings.

In the end, it appears that Google, with the recent update is strongly pushing websites to create informative and credible content to build their online authority and trust.

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