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Jan 2013

Thumb rules for high quality web development

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The World Wide Web is over crowded with websites. From these only qualitative ones survive the competition by gaining more traffic and high ROI. Sensing the current web trends, we formulate the success ‘mantras’ for the web development process.

Apart from the technical rule of following SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), the web developers have to put in many more considerations. Let’s glance through some of the ‘must haves’ for a high quality website.

Captivating design: The design of the website draws viewer attention at the first place and keeps him glued to the site. An attractive design with ease of navigation offers clarity and convenience to the user which makes him/her stick to the site a little longer. So, the foremost thing is visibly appealing plus directive web design.

Functionality: Functionality is another attention grabber for any website. Fully featured website with high tech functionality provides the user with relevant information. Informative plus facilitative websites are a guaranteed success in terms of traffic pulling and client retention. Thus, the web development process need to focus on optimizing the features while maintaining an eye pleasing design.

SEO perspective: From the perspective of Search Engine Optimisation, a website would scroll up the SERP only if it is optimal in terms of design, content and features. With organic contents, captivating design and customer friendly approach, websites scale up the SERP ladder with matchless momentum. So, adding SEO perspective gives an edge to the web development process.

Updates and Maintenance: Updating a website is a must! It hints the Search engines about the agility and activity of the site. This way the site entices web crawlers to improve the visibility plus the rankings. Hence maintenance after the development wins the SERP race.

Thus, efficiency of any website can be enhanced by implementing the above mentioned simple but effective rules!

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