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Feb 2013

The hottest ideas for Web design in Australia!

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When we talk about the hottest ideas for web design in Australia, its about the changing trends in this realm of Information Technology.

When we talk about the hottest ideas for web design in Australia, its about the changing trends in this realm of Information Technology. Technically speaking the web development arena is going through a transition by becoming mobile. Dynamism is another factor which rules the current scenario of design by adding more dynamism to the websites.

Let’s have a look at the current trends of web design in Australia:

Responsive approach: As the world is becoming mobile, the websites are made to fit in the changing screen size and resolution of smartphones and tablets. Web designers create mobile websites which can be accessed anywhere, every where while people are still on the move. This feature is very high in demand as companies like to stretch their customer base.

Extensive use of HTML5: This content structuring language is being pre dominantly used for web design in Australia. Being the fifth and latest version of HTML, it supports multimedia and ease of readability of web content. It is used to make graphically rich web pages which stand out and grab viewer attention. Highly availed, HTML5 language is designers current favourite.

Animation: As sites are going mobile now, many new games and animation are incorporated in websites to allure audience and suffice the purpose of viral marketing. The purpose of making catchy, animated websites is to reach a wider audience including that of gamers and technocrats.

Circles with CSS3: Common thing about Web design in Australia till now used to be rounded rectangles for highlighting things. But with the CSS3 update of creating circles we can spotlight more information in websites. Circles also look very attractive from the point of view of design.

Expanding the Menus: Web design in Australia is moving towards bigger menus with more space which can accommodate images as well. The idea here is now you can give information in terms of text and images in the menu itself. This way you can strike easier navigation and provides better structure to the website.

Custom fonts: Google web fonts and Typekit helps in creating a uniformity of fonts for varied sizes of websites. The site then looks uniform plus is SEO friendly creating a ‘win win’ situation for designers, SEO team and viewers. This feature is again ruling the web design in Australia scenario as it offers better readability to the viewers.

The above mentioned points sum up the latest happenings in the Australian information technology market. Hope it helps you!!

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