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Jan 2015

Enhance your content writing skills till the search engines are content with your content!

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Content of the site has an ability to change the whole scenario of your site’s ranking. But to dream of a perfect ranking is easier than implementing it. In a rush of designing and marketing and other issues, people tend to avoid the importance of content writing for their sites and fall for other amateur options. Let’s take a drive and learn to steer authentic content writing!

NEVER ever use duplicate content: To take inspirations from other articles and websites is good. But a ctrl c+ ctrl v is a big no no for better SEO results. Get sound in information collection, searching, analyzing and then create your own content. Check whether your content is duplicate or not with some sites like, which will show the authenticity of your content. Be the master and a proud owner of the content your write and let the search engines fall for you!

Put “keyword rank” on a higher rack than “keyword density”: Number of occurrences of the keyword in the content is termed as keyword density. It has a great importance in SEO before several years. But now the time has changed and quality has a higher priority than quantity. Instead optimize your keyword’s rank; it is a metric that measures how optimized the keyword is within the content. The weight of the keyword, its position in the document and its relevance is checked and thus evolves the keyword rank. Many sites measure keyword rank and help to boost your SEO. Follow those sites and make your content feasible with a better keyword ranking.

Keep a check on the structure of your content: When it comes to keyword stuffing, usually it is done in last seconds, before publishing the content. This results in a poor structure of the content as the keywords are not in the place where they should be. Maintain an appropriate structure of your content and get served by the search engines.

On-Page optimization factors to be considered: To rank your page better, it is a must to see whether these on-page factors are attended well.

  • Always have your titles optimized with the keywords. It puts a great effect on the search engine optimization.
  • Manage your internal links in such a way that all your pages are identified by the search engine and displayed.
  • H1 and h2 header tags serves a great role in your page structure. Choose it wisely if you want a better ranking.

Other than these tips, evolve as a better copy writer to give a boost to your promotional tags and quotes. Follow these tips and you will be the master of content writing skills. Stay tuned with us for many more optimising posts!

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