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May 2013

Blog – an ideal customer interaction tool for eCommerce store

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All eCommerce stores lack audience interaction. Except the order, payment details and social media activity there is nothing happening from customer side on these websites.

The best way to create a rapport with the client is through blogs. Frequent blog posts are the best way to convey relevant information to the customer and create belongingness with the client.

There are numerous benefits of eCommerce store blog which can be jotted down as follows:

Customer interaction: In most eCommerce sites the client interaction is limited to purchase, sales and handling complaints. But, a blog serves as the ideal tool for communication by delivering information and through exchanging comments.

Feedback generation: Blog can be the ideal method of generating authentic customer feedback. You can actually converse with the client by replying the comments and responding to complaints and suggestions. Knowledge sharing and industry discussions are long term results of regular blogging.

Niche for the company: The blog can give information on a regular basis and can create a niche for the company. This way the credibility of the business can be established through a productive and knowledge sharing blog. Any company’s expertise can also be expressed through it’s blogs.

Community creation tool: Blog can become an ideal tool for creating community. Client to client interaction is possible through the blog. Their response to comments can create a dialogue between each other and gradually a whole community can be established.

Builds rapport with the clients: Belongingness is something that lacks in eCommerce store. Buyer and seller don’t get a chance to communicate and thus have no rapport with each other. There is practically no human touch in online shopping. Blog builds rapport with the clients and can be an ideal influence for business.

Moreover, blog is ideal tool for SEO benefits from a regularly updated blog. When search engines find that there is some genuine input from your company on a regular basis, they consider it your merit and give you higher ranking on the SERP. Thus, there are numerous advantages in having a blog. If your web store doesn’t have it yet then just go for it!

Experts have already predicted that Australian eCommerce stores will earn $37 billion in 2013, and hence it is becoming extremely important for businesses to establish an online brand image.

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