Benefits of Responsive Website Design

‘Responsive Website Design’ is one of the hottest topics nowadays. Why is Responsive web design so important for web development? Here is a question as well as your answer.

Do you surf the internet only on desktop, laptop (notebook), I-phone or any other smart phone? You bet.

This is the era of technology. Look around and you will see people accessing skype over the phone, reading E-books and newspapers, making their credit card or utility payments, and even transferring money on the go. These technological advancements made life easy, as banks and other vital service providers starting making user friendly (read mobile friendly) websites. It also gave businesses edge over their competitors, but that’s not the end of the story.

It was just the beginning of yet another struggle. Another puzzle waited to be unriddled. Technological advancements manifested themselves into laptop, I-pad, smart phone, tablets with so many variations. A dedicated website for each type of device didn’t prove brainwave, because same content couldn’t be kept on 3 websites due to duplication. So, what’s the solution? Responsive web design was the solution. What is Responsive website design? What are the benefits of Responsive Website Design? Why it plays a pivotal role in web development nowadays?

In a nutshell, responsive website design (RWD) is a way to develop website in such a way to give a pleasant and convenient viewing experience without unnecessary scrolling right to left and vice versa, panning etc. The same website gives a hassle free view to users on various devices. Advantages of responsive web design are as under:-

Better viewing experience
Responsive website design enhances the viewing experience, making people want to view the website again that means more business and increased revenue generation.

Optimum reach of content
Businesses that opted for separate websites for mobile viewing had to compromise on the size of their content. They chose to keep less content on mobile websites than desktop websites due to duplication issues. In spite of being good, their content couldn’t reach the masses.

Multiple management
It is relatively easier to publish and manage content once, than doing it separately for desktop website and mobile website.

Keeping website user friendly and fast
The start of mobile websites made designers go for websites that were fast to load with reduced screen space. This provides an enhanced viewing experience.

All the benefits above help businesses in terms of web development, revenue generation as well as users’ viewing experience.

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