Are you making these common web design mistakes for your web store?

Web design for an online shopping cart is of grave importance. The reason lies in the fact that if the customer would not like your design they would not stay at your pages. This would have an adverse effect on your business and sales.

Some of the most common mistakes in web development for eCommerce sites are as follows:

1). Product information: At times the sites don’t have detailed product information. Beyond the technical terms, information should be given in descriptive words which are specific yet convincing. Except these details the site would have only images which would be a minus point for the website.

2). Missing contact details: The authenticity of any company can be judged through it’s contact details. Place contact info on every page and assure call to action. If this is missed in web design of any online shopping site, you would lose a big chunk of customers.

3). Small product images: Product images and descriptions are the only way customers can gauge the things they would like to purchase. If these are small and unclear then you are lacking on proper marketing. It will eventually result in losing a client.

4). Clumsy check out page: Often the check out page is ill organised. It irks the customer to enter the credit card details and an iterative process. The page should be systematic with columnar layout and billing and shipping details placed adjacent to each other.

5). Pre requisite of account for order: Normally shopping sites want the user to create an account before placing an order. This can really irritate the buyer. Instead giving a link for saving their information once their order is placed would be a more generous and convenient option.

These tit bits should be taken care of during the web design of an eCommerce site. When handled meticulously these points will help proper user interaction. So, just take care of these details and have a flourishing online shopping business and with experts predicting a robust growth for Australian eCommerce stores that can yield the industry whopping $37 billion in 2013, it is becoming extremely important for businesses to establish an online brand image.

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