A Typhoon Trend—Add Location in your every Ad

Did you hear about Location Extensions? Intesols have come up with a banging update just like letting the cat out of the bag. Adding location to your every ad not only advertise your brand but converts to some filthy quantity of potential customers. Let us know how:

1. What drags customers to seek online? Of course information at that very moment. And majority of them are looking out for driving directions, store hours, and products and services available at local businesses. Targeting such audience by showcasing your location in every apparent way is like grabbing the whole nine yards of opportunity.

2. You might have you already included local business information using campaign-level location extensions in ads on Google Search and Maps. Now, there’s an easier way to do this at account level. You can manage all of your business addresses using Google My Business (formerly Google Places for Business). Then, link your Google My Business and AdWords accounts to automatically display relevant business location information in all of your AdWords campaigns.
1. Minimize the effort and maximize the commerce.

Location extension were needed to be built for each campaign previously where as now, you can set up upgraded location extensions at the account level and they will automatically be enabled for all campaigns in your AdWords account.

2. Painless optimization.

The addresses of the business you link to your AdWords account can also be used for location targeting and bid adjustments.
Not all AdWords professional must be aware of this magical tip and hence it requires some brilliant minds to get it started. Making a long story short, contact Intesols!

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