Six killer tips for successful foursquare marketing campaign

If you are a small business owner that has been trying hard to go successful with foursquare marketing campaign but have found no luck, here are few killer tips for successful online marketing for your local business. And it’s all free!!!

1. Claim your venue.

If you have a local physical business location, you can claim your business place or business venue on foursquare. If you still not have claimed your business, its not too late, go ahead, visit get a sign up and go for the claim! Once you have claimed your business venue, put it as an ad banner on your website and blog and let your customers know that whenever they visit your business place, they can check-in there.

2. Create a Foursquare special.

Once you have claimed a business venue and once your business is verified, you will have a big bonus feature: Creating specials for your customers! As a verified business owner on foursquare, you will get free access to foursquare’s merchant platform that enables you to create specials/offers for your customers. What’s special about these specials? Well, if you put up specials on your foursquare venue and website, your customers can unlock them and can avail offers whenever they visit your business location. This way, they get encouraged to keep coming again and again.

3. Create a Foursquare page.

You must be thinking that if you have claimed your venue, why you need to have a foursquare page?, Well you are right, but answer is: Foursquare page can have loyal followers, you can post on your page and your users can see your page activities on their home page. And yes! You can have your own branding on foursquare page. You can have custom banner on your page.

4. Integrate your foursquare badge with your website and facebook.

Use other social media tools to promote your foursquare venue and page. Best way is to integrate your foursquare venue with your facebook page. Also, share updates of your foursquare pages on your facebook page and twitter account. Let your facebook and twitter fans know that they can come to your venue and can grab specials you are offering!

5. Encourage your customers to leave tips

Foursquare tips which in other words can be described as reviews can do a great job for your business. Your customer comes to your business, avails your service/product and leaves tip on your venue for other users and customers. And that works like word of mouth advertising for your business. So encourage your customers to leave a tip on your foursquare venue. And when they do, don’t forget to thank them. Similarly, there may be a case of dissatisfaction. In such case, if any customer leaves a negative tip/review on your venue or page, apologize and offer rewards and ensure that s/he will get better treatment always!

6. Monitor foursquare analytics

Just like Google Analytics, foursquare offers traffic analytics. You can monitor it and can form your foursquare marketing strategy accordingly. When you claim your location, you get access to foursquare analytics. One of the best thing to monitor your foursquare analytics is that you can meet your best and most loyal customer!! Analytics shows you who checked-in most frequently in a given time frame.

Bonus tip!

Remember, foursquare marketing is all about SoLoMo – Social, Local and Mobile. So integrate your all Social Media tools with your location based marketing tools into your mobile marketing tools! And see the result!

Your thoughts

What do you think of this new, modern trend in social and local marketing? Do you think that like many other local and small business owners, you too can drive new customers to your business with your social media marketing and foursquare marketing campaigns? Let us know your thoughts and questions, we will be happy to help!


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