5 Websites That’ll Change Your Perception About 404 Pages

A webserver on encountering a 404 access code redirects the user to the 404 page. Three reasons 404 access code is triggered by the webserver:

  1. The user clicks on a broken link
  2. The user enters a deleted page
  3. The user mistyped a URL

Standard 404 pages are boring and people just surf away from them without paying any regards. Do you know you can customize your 404 page like any other page if you have access to the server ? Actually, webmasters are getting more considerate of 404 pages.

Ideally, the content of a good 404 page should help users find relevant information or page if they are lost. However, there are a number you can represent that information.

Let’s us look around the web and see how creative 404 pages can be, starting with Google.

Boring isn’t it? Let’s look at Microsoft and Apple’s.



Dull and Boring, yet better than Google’s. Seems like the tech giants aren’t bother about how their 404s look like. That’s not the case everywhere though. There are pretty amazing 404 pages. Let look at some of them.

1. Nouveller

This is the most bizarre 404 page I have ever witnessed. Actually, it doesn’t look like a 404 page at all. Simply, a work of genius.

Nouveller’s 404 page presents you with Central Park Control Console, a console that is responsible for Jurassic Park’s security, except you are denied access every time you try to enter something.

2. Blueegg

Blueegg is probably the most hilarious 404 page you’ll ever encounter. It is also one the rarest 404 pages that has a video. I mean who puts a video in a freaking 404 page. These guys are exception.

Bluegg page will look like any other 404 page: an apology—the page don’t exist and a link to homepage. For those who want to stay on the page, they can watch and listen to a goat continuously screaming like a human.

Even I don’t know, how a goat landed on a 404 page, but it is simply hilarious.

3. Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios

The 404 page of this website is actually a subway station. The site heavily uses flash-based animation to deliver you the experience of an actual subway. You can listen to trains as they approach, doors open and leave the station. The sound effects are amazing. The billboards show Daniel’s actual work.


4. Robert Sherman

You have to stop a 404 bomb that is about to blast. The interactive bomb has many wires: some black, some red. Just like in the movies,    the wrong wire can trigger a blast. Choose carefully.

5. LimpFish

One of the best examples of a newspaper metaphor, Dave Barton’s personal site manages to inject a little humour into its error message.


Now that you have got some ideas about how much creative your 404 pages can be, it’s time to use your creativity and cater a nice, out of the box experience to your visitors!

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