5 Killer Tips to Optimise Your WordPress Blog for Better SEO

Do you have a WordPress Blog? Are you looking for easy and effective ways to optimize your wordpress blog to attract more traffic and user engagement? Follow these simple yet killer 5 wordpress blog SEO tips and you will be on-board with your blog for better SEO!

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Re-check your blog setup

When you begin optimising your wordpress blog, the first thing you need to check is your wordpress setup or the worpdress configuration. There are a few things in your setup that can change the SEO game for your blog.

  • Change default directory names
  • Change default categories
  • Remove sample posts and pages
  • Change default admin username and password
  • Remove default/sample comments

Also check for other default but useless things and change them accordingly but make sure you don’t mess up things. It is always advisable to hire professional wordpress devleoper for this thing.

Setup permalink wisely

Now that you have setup and re-checked your wordpress blog directory, it is time to recheck and setup your blog’s permalink wisely. Permalink is the url structure of your posts or pages. In other words it defines how your page or post address would look like. Permalink are very important for both search engine friendliness and user friendliness. When you go to your permalink section on the blog setup, you will see a list of some options for your permalink and you will also have option to setup permalink in a custom way.

Install Google Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics plugin is one such plugin that you can’t afford to miss. So as soon as you setup your wordpress blog, make sure you install Google Analytics plugin to track your website performance and SEO effectiveness. This plugin tells you everything that you need to know to chart your future SEO strategies.

Install XML Sitemap Plugin

Another good thing worth not missing is installing the XML Sitemap plugin that tells Google crawler about your blog’s sitemap. In other words, this plugin lets you tell the search engine about your blog’s page navigation system or the blog structure. This is pretty useful when Google crawler comes to your blog for crawling your blog. If this plugin is installed and configured properly, it will make easy for search engine to crawl and index your blog and its posts & pages.

Avoid unnecessary plugins

When we are talking about plugins, let us tell you not to go crazy after all each and every plugin you come across with. You will find hundreds of plugins for wordpress when you search for one or two. And if you install all the plugins that you get, you might end up with slowing down your blog speed and adding no value to it. There are many sub standards plugins that add no or little value but they will for sure, slow down your blog and this might distract your visitors. Install only plugins that serve your requirements.  If you are not sure which plugins to install, take a look at some of most useful plugins to charge up your WordPress SEO.

Bonus tip!

Whenever you publish your blog posts or pages with images, make sure your images are well optimised. Especially make sure image names are logical and there are alt tags properly used on all images. This will help your images and your blog getting crawled in search engine. Images make great impact on human mind, so use the best quality, relevant and original images/photographs in your blog posts and pages.

Share your own tips!

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